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About Charlo's Provisions & Eatery

Charlo's is a community favorite offering a restaurant to discover American Heritage style foods and a market with locally produced goods. One of the most interesting aspects is our restaurant and market are connected through quality, hand-crafted, chef-inspired recipes and flavor profiles using locally sourced items from farm to table with some of the industry's leading technologies as Sous Vide cooking.  Our owner's strong attention to detail in sourcing ingredients through local partnerships and experimenting with trend-setting concepts serve as a common thread that binds both ideas together.


Charlo’s forms a gathering place within its community where guests can grab a bite for lunch, gather as a family for dinner, or shop locally sourced items on their way home. We are were new friendships are formed and feel the warmth of community in a welcoming and entertaining environment replete with a unique dining experience in Springfield and full of positive vibes! 

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